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Talk to me about equipment


We've always used high-quality photographic equipment and currently use Canon brand bodies and lenses. This is as true today as it was during our first year (although we also used medium format in our film years). In our eyes, there's no reason to skimp on the quality of equipment. That's not to say we run out and buy the top-of-the-line models because those models often have more than we need, but we ensure that we properly match our needs with our equipment purchases. That includes the cameras, lenses, studio lights, radio transmitters, etc.

We also incorporate redundancy into our equipment plan. That means that we bring more than one "set" of equipment, and we don't keep it in the bag either. For example, as a precaution, we use several cameras for photographing a wedding. This allows for higher efficiency and prevents shooting all the images through one camera. That way, if something should ever happen that could not be determined during the shooting, not all the images would have been produced through a faulty piece of equipment (camera). That situation has never happened, but it's still a precaution we practice.



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