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Interview of wedding photographer - Shaun Larson



Can you tell us a little about yourself, Shaun?


Absolutely! My wife (Rebekah) and I moved to Middle Tennessee in the early 90's atfter college. I earned my college degree in Computer Science (minor in Business Administration), but during my college years I became more involved with photography through my working for a photographer and owner of a photo-processing lab which really allowed me to learn the "process" of photography and just not how to push a buton. Since the early 90's, we've been providing wedding photography services to clients in the Nashville area. We travel to weddings now and again when a cool opportunity arises, but we don't actively market to that niche at the present time.

We currently reside in Brentwood and have one toddler son (who appears to be racing toward being a teenager with how fast he's growing). Outside of photography and what always seems like an endless list of errands to do, I've got a few hobbies when time allows. Those include flying radio controlled airplanes (big ones - not the little ones in your back yard), racing model cars, wakeboarding, and building things... really anything... cars, businesses, whatever. I just like seeing things come together in a spectacular way because I somewhat live by a "go big or go home" philosophy. If things are worth doing, they're worth doing right!



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