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Interview of wedding photographer - Shaun Larson



How would you define your style?


Hmmmm.... well, how about I describe it and you can see if it fits into any definition you know of. Over time, it has evolved a little and the techniques we use have changed a bit, but at our core, I think our style of capturing a wedding has remained fairly constant regardless of all the industry buzz-words that are used to label photographers.

Since day one, we've always combined formals with non-formals. Our formals have always been targeted to be efficient and not intended to see how many unique combinations we can generate from 20 people (that will about send me over the edge). Sometimes "wedding formals" can be frowned upon if enough damning articles have been read. Unfortunately, I think that's a byproduct of all the "wedding photojournalism" hype in the late 90's that had literally every bride thinking she wanted zero formals. In reality, 99.9% of brides do want some formals. They just don't want them to turn into a painful day-long session.

To me, a well-done formal of a bride is one of the most gorgeous images I know of. I believe the industry has come full circle now and also recognizes that clients DO need and want formals, only now they tend to have more of a commercial flare than they did last time around. I think that's awesome and I love what's being produced out there by some rockin' photographers. I mean... anything is good that doesn't deny that formals are an important part of capturing brides, grooms, and their families during this important part of their lives.

Our non-formals are images that we capture during every part of the event other than when we're doing formals. They're images of what is really going on. I strive not to interrupt the flow of things for a non-formal image. I'll almost never request someone to stop and pose outside of doing formals. That being said, I'm not so hard-core that I don't interact with people while shooting. We love our clients, their families, and their guests. Interacting with them is some of the most valuable "people time" we experience, and we've met some incredible people along the way. I believe that interaction later contributes to getting great images of those people.



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