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What does it cost for wedding day services?


I know that most brides want an exact number on costs, but the best - and most accurate - answer is actually "it all depends". The reason is that there are so many variables to a wedding. For example, just look at the wide variety of weddings you see on TV, on websites, in magazines, or attend personally. Some weddings have 1 attendant and 25 guests on a beach or mountain top, while other weddings may have 15 attendants and 600 guests in a ballroom that's been decorated to the highest degree. Those are two totally different weddings requiring very different photographic coverage.

Another contributing factor is what is included in the pricing. The photographic services may include what I classify as "time & talent" and "products". How much of each of those that are included greatly impacts the cost.


Do you have packages or use a package system?


Not so much, but that's not to say that we can't group some things together. In the past, we've used wedding photography packages that included everything under the sun and were priced about $6500.00 and those packages were popular. The needs and wants of today's engaged couples are a little different than years ago, so we use a different structure that allows us serve them better than a rigid package system with so many components.

No matter how services are sold, one of the top necessities is the "time & talent" portion. The "time" is all the hours spent not only on wedding day, but all the hours spent outside of wedding day. Many clients do not realize how many hours a wedding photographer dedicates to a wedding before and after the wedding day. Speaking for us personally as an example, when we shoot 6 hours on a wedding day, that just added about the same amount of time in the office just editing and processing the images. Additionally, there are hours spent possibly scouting locations, making schedules, having meetings, etc. The "talent" portion is self-explanitory (hopefully). That's paying for the knowledge, talent, and experience of your photographer. All of those contribute to a successful experience.



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