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What are your print and album prices?


Well, recently we've taken a new approach to selling wedding prints, so it kind of eliminates the pricing question. We've just about discontinued selling prints. We now only sell prints that are 16x20 or larger. Our reasoning is this: Over the last few years, the desire to have digital files has increased tremendously. One main reason for the client having them is so they can print their own images. Unfortunately, we're unable to control the quality of printing done by labs of their choice (which can reflect poorly on our work), but it's part of the changing market. Most consumers do not have a quality source for what we consider wall prints - especially if they want them to resemble art, so we still offer sizes like 16x20, 20x24, 30x40, etc. Those start around $200 and include mounting and texturing so the print looks incredible once it's on your wall.

As for albums, that's an ever-changing ballgame. For years, matted albums were the standard, but when digital printing combined with an increased number of book-binders, wedding albums have completely changed. Matted albums usually start in the $800 range for genuine leather covers, and custom flush mount albums start more in the range of $1600. Both depend on how large the resulting design is. The flush mount albums require much much more time to design - which translates into the price difference.



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