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Interview of wedding photographer - Shaun Larson



Do you have favorite places/locations to shoot?


Wow, trying to narrow that down is tough! There are soooooo many great sites, and we're introduced to new ones all the time and they'll be in the least expected places. I guess if I had to consider all the variables for making a location a favorite, one would be Cheekwood. I'll elaborate on what "favorite" means though. It's not only a visual thing like most people would expect; It's also what makes a great experience for the client. We not only look at the visual aspect of the shooting location, but also things like conveniently accessible by the client as well as it having facilities for the client to get dressed and prepped. Cheekwood kind of has it all. From my own perspective, I do like what Cheekwood offers visually. I like that we can shoot in a relatively small area and have a greatly diverse collection of images. I also like their type of gardens that allow us to create a European look if we wish. Other great sites are Rippavilla Plantation in Spring Hill, Riverwood Mansion in Nashville. Don't get me wrong though, corn fields, standing in the middle of streams, and old broken barns are also at the top of my list of favorites. It's often relative to what the client is looking for and how far out of the norm they're willing to go.



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