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Interview of wedding photographer - Shaun Larson



Okay, then what do you like least about photographing weddings?


Well... without sounding like a whiner, the thing I like the least is when we are not provided enough time to accomplish the goal we have pre-planned. When you think about it, our schedule can be trashed by virtually anyone on that day. The location may not be unlocked on time, the flowers may be late, people will be running late, and the list is virtually endless, and they all can affect the time we have allocated for photography. The photographer instantly becomes the "compensator" for how others have affected (and sometimes destroyed) the schedule. Although we are extremely familiar and able to work under the crunch of time constraints (somewhat the nature of weddings), walking away thinking "we could have done even better had the schedule not been crushed" is something I dislike because I know it usually could have been prevented.



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